List Master CRM allows nonprofit organizations and businesses to track and manage grants from start to finish: from scheduling application deadlines to the submission of final reports.

For a refresher on the Grants Screen and grant-related Search Screen fields, click here.

Below are some ideas for using List Master CRM for grant management. Keep in mind, however, that functionality and usefulness are not limited to just these points.


Go to the record of the individual or organization funding the grant. (Or create the record if needed.) On the Grants Screen, enter the basic information about each grant you are seeking. The most important pieces of information at this stage are:

  • Name of the grant or program
  • Proposal due date
  • Grant status (pending, approved, denied, etc.)  
  • Amount of money (“Total Amount”) you are seeking
  • Year the grant starts and ends, how much money per year

We highly recommend that you include an initial note on the Grants Screen about what this grant will cover (programs, administrative costs, etc.) and what your approach will be in the proposal. It is important to document in List Master any changes or updates, along with your general thought process and approach, throughout the proposal period.

You can also go to the Relationship Management Screen, create a note of type "Grants" with a title like "Grant Proposal Due,” and enter a little detail in the text as a reminder of the specific grant. Set up an email reminder for this note on a date well in advance of the proposal due date. You can use these email reminders for any step along the way.


If the grant maker requests changes to your submitted proposal, check the box on the Grant Screens for “Revisions: Req.” Enter the date the revisions are due, and later note the date the changes are approved by the funder.

Again, document anything important with notes on the Grant Screen.

If you’ve made enough changes to consider this a “resubmitted” proposal, indicate that in the Status section.


Change the Status to “Approved.”

Enter the report due date.

On the Relationship Management screen, enter a note of type “Grants.” Write something like "Grant Report Due" in the subject/title and add details to remind you of anything important in the text. Set up an appropriate email reminder for this.

Remember to check the box for “check received” as funds come in.


If a grant proposal is denied, indicate this is in the Status, and create a note with any information you have about why.

Using List Master to keep an accurate, detailed history of all grants, both approved and denied, can be extremely helpful for future planning and proposals.