List Master CRM is a web-based Constituent (or Customer) Relationship Management system built on nearly 20 years of development and use. It’s a complete contact management database but also so much more: List Master gives you the ability to store all important information about your nonprofit organization or business in one convenient, cloud-based place. Manage your donors, clients, volunteers, vendors, events, campaigns and grants all within List Master CRM.

List Master is easy to use and provides the functions you need, without being cluttered with unnecessary features. The intent is a powerful, user-friendly system that does what you want. 

The browser-based model means no additional software need be installed on your computer. You get unlimited users, each with his/her own password and access/security settings, for no additional charge. List Master is one of the most inexpensive complete CRMs on the market. 


  1. Its ability to generate lists of records based on a wide variety of search criteria, without the use of complicated query language.
  2. A comprehensive group of reports that can be used with any list/query you generate.

MANAGE RELATIONSHIPS: List Master offers comprehensive, powerful, flexible relationship management. It enables you to maintain useful, detailed information about your contacts. In a single record, you can designate an individual a board member, employee, campaign contributor, volunteer, business partner or any other type of contact you choose. Contact types can be added or changed at any time. Attach limitless notes to each account. Records can be located by searching any of the notes or categories, including ones you create and customize by type, result or activity. You can, for example, track and then easily search for all donor phone calls made by a particular staffperson in a given month. Automatic email reminders about upcoming events and appointments keep you organized.

LINK RECORDS BY RELATIONSHIP: Use List Master's simple record-linking system to designate family, household, employeer, organization contact and other types of relationships between any number of records. Access linked records with a touch of a button, and easily generate mailing lists/labels by household, organization or other type of relationship. 

GENERATE REPORTS: List Master comes with a number of ready-to-use general reports, such as a donation type summary and a campaign summary. Export query results directly into Word, Excel or Access for mail merges and reports. Send broadcast emails and faxes straight from your database. Click for a description of all List Master general reports (also called "output options"). 

SEND MASS EMAILS: Use List Master to send HTML emails, such as e-newsletters or appeal letters, to audiences large or small. Track and evaluate open rates and click-throughs with a permanent record of user response.

INTEGRATE WITH YOUR WEB SITE. Set up List Master so that information from your website – donations, contact forms, event registration and more — is automatically integrated into your database.

TRACK FINANCES: List Masters' ability to track transactions is highly detailed. It’s designed to record most types of fundraising, including renewals, contributions, product sales, grants and event income. With its detailed search and reporting capabilities, financial tracking is a snap.

SEND THANK YOU LETTERS/RECEIPTS: Quickly and conveniently batch-process thank you letters through your database. In addition, or instead, set up a template for personalized, individually generated receipts and/or thank you letters that include your organizations’ color logo and are sent by email or regular mail. 

List Master’s makers are continually improving and expanding the system based on feedback from users. It’s usually an easy task to add new reports or data fields; we are open to bigger challenges, too. Don’t hesitate to ask.