What Are List Master CRM's System Requirements? 

Platform — List Master CRM is web-based (also called cloud-based) and can be used on any type of computer (Mac, PC, Linux etc.). There are no operating system requirements to use this system.

Browser — List Master should function in any web browser. However, most development is done using Firefox, so screens and other cosmetic aspects of the program will probably look best in Firefox. Others that are tested regularly and known to work: Safari, Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome.

How Many User Accounts Are Provided?

List Master does not limit the number of users per nonprofit organization or business. We do not charge extra for multiple users. We will create as many user accounts as you need.

Can You Set Up User Accounts With Varying Levels of Access?

User accounts can be set up with varying levels of access and permission, to allow each user access to only what is needed and appropriate to their role.

Are There Different Versions of List Master?

The current version is List Master 5. While several clients are still using version 4, version 5 is more powerful and flexible, and will be used for all new installations.

The main difference is that with v5, each individual and organization/business has its own record, with related records linked together. V4 allowed two individuals per record, generally members of the same houshold or organization. With v5, each person has his/her own record, with records linked together to indicate household, business or organization relationships. Contact information for individuals is no longer stored in organization records; individuals now have their own records that are linked to the associated organization records. 

If you don't know which version you are using, go to the main menu, and under your logo look for "List Master Database (version 4/5.xx)." The first number will be either 4 or 5, indicating which version you are using.

How Much Does List Master Cost?

Database installation and set-up of user accounts: $100 to $250

Hosting fees: $15 to $75 per month 

Data conversion and loading: $250+ 

There is no cost for the List Master program itself.

Use of the program, updates, daily back-ups and basic support are covered by the monthly hosting fee.

While most support and initial trainings are also covered by the hosting fee, if special support or training is desired, it is available at $50 to $75 per hour. If a higher-than-average level of support is desired on an ongoing basis, we can adjust the monthly hosting fee to accomodate your needs. 

For more details, please see the Cost section of this web site.