List Master CRM makes phone banking easy and efficient with customized Excel spreadsheets for staff and volunteers to use when making calls and recording results. List Master staff can import the information from completed spreadsheets directly into your database.

Adhering to data entry conventions will maximize the searchability and usefulness of information imported. Read on for details.


1.  Prepare your list. Use the Search Screen to generate a list of contacts to receive phone calls about a given issue or campaign.

Example: Find all current members who live in District 34 to call about an upcoming ballot measure.

2.  Create your spreadsheet. From the Results Screen, choose the “Phone Bank Listing” output option and click “Do It."

This opens an Excel spreadsheet with one line for each person to be called, listing phone numbers, addresses, and senators’ and representatives’ names and contact information. It also includes information about the latest contact of any type made with this person – such as the date, staff who made it, or results of a phone call — as pulled from the "Notes" field of the Relationship Management Screen.

The spreadsheet also includes several fields to be filled in by the phone banker.

Columns can be added to the spreadsheet per your agency’s needs.

3.  Make call, and fill in the following fields.

P.B. Who: Person who made the call. Try always to use the List Master log-in name. For example, Adam Kramer is “adam.”

P.B. Date: Date of phone call.

P.B. Subject: Subject of phone call. Typically the same subject is used throughout.

P.B. Result: Type in the result of your call. This needs to be one of the choices from the "Results" menu on the Relationship Management Screen, so that data merging will create a searchable note. These fields are limited to simple notations such as “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” for replies to direct questions and “Wrong #,” “Left Message,” etc. for phone calls.

P.B. Notes: Make any additional notes about the call, such as “Contact requested call-back at 8 p.m.” or “Contact pledged $45.”

4.  Forward spreadsheet for data loading. When all data has been entered into the phone banking spreadsheet, e-mail it to You’ll be notified when the information has been loaded into your database, at which point a note will appear in the record, on the Relationship Management Screen, of each person contacted during the phone banking campaign.