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July 2014

No other nonprofit CRM is easier to use than List Master; we guarantee it! Other systems may look slicker, and have more bells and whistles. But no other database is more customized to do what YOU want—without bogging you down with features you don't need, don't use, and that make your system impractical and off-putting for staff and board members.

Exciting Upgrade Alert: ADVANCED SEARCHING

List Master’s basic Search Screen is sophisticated enough to generate most lists you will ever need. But when it's not, when you need to run a search just beyond its abilities, we've created an important new tool for you. Introducing Temporary Categories. It's a very important upgrade, because it makes any search you dream up both possible and easy.

Say you want a list of all donors minus those living in two or three specific zip codes. Create a temporary category containing the zip codes, then identify and exclude this category when running your search.

Temporary categories are used primarily for:
1. excluding specific criteria, as with the above example.
2. sending a letter or email to several different groups that cannot be located with a single search.

A temporary category can include one set of results or the results of multiple searches, making it a truly advanced tool. For a tutorial on this new feature, including detailed examples, click here. (When you do, you'll see that we've updated the List Master web site. Hope you like it! Please consider sharing it with any friends and colleagues in the market for a new CRM.)

Please call or email with any questions or comments. We'd love to help you get familiar and comfortable with this new tool.

*Hot Tip of the Hot Month*

If you'd like the contents of your temporary category to become a new permanent category, or part of an existing category, it's easy to make it so using the Codes Maintenance screen. Start by creating the new category (as described above). Then go down to the section labeled "This set of forms is used to apply category and code changes to all records," locate the temporary category, and convert the records to the new category or another existing category.

Click here for a refresher on using the Codes Maintenance screen.

Don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions! 503-734-8300 or info@listmaster.org.

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