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July 2013

Welcome to List Master's NEW e-newsletter!

We envision this as a monthly update of all things new and happening in the List Master universe. We'll keep you up to speed on anything we've added to the system lately, and explain any changes. We'll also provide tips for making the most of List Master's coolest and most useful tools. We want to keep this short, sweet - and hopefully very helpful. Have feedback or ideas about what you'd like to see here? We'd love to hear from you. Email us at info@listmaster.org.

Introducing List Master Version 5

The newest version of List Master increases the power and flexibility of the system while retaining most of its tried-and-true features from previous versions. Version 5 introduces a powerful new method of linking records. This method overcomes previous limitations and greatly increases the user's ability to organize and track related records.

In Version 5, each individual and organization is assigned its own record. Households, employee/employer relationships and much more are designated through an easy-to-use linking system.

Since January 2012, all new List Master databases have been installed as Version 5, and we have converted many of our older clients, too. Read more about how List Master Version 5 works, and how you can upgrade.

*List Master Tip of the Month*
Sending Batch Thank You Letters by Email

It's easy, and it will make your life easier. Here's how to send electronic thank you letters using List Master's HTML Email Merge.

1) Determine which clients to thank by email rather than snail mail. You can add a "request thank you by email" box to all agency remit cards and email preference forms to help with this.

2) From List Master's Codes Maintenance screen, create the new HANDLING-type Category EMTK, described as "Requests Thank You by Email."
Also create a new Donation Type code described, again, as "Requests Thank You by Email" and of the TYLETTER type. Example code: EM.

3) Assign your new Category code to relevant List Master records. You do this on the Categories & Links screen.

4) When entering transaction information, you'll see "Email Thank You Requested" in parenthesis next to the Thank You Letter code drop-down. This is to remind you that this client prefers email and to therefore choose the Thank You Letter Code (EM in our example).

5) When you are ready to email the letters, run a search on the "Requests Thank You by Email" category code plus the thank you batch number you need, and choose the HTML Email Merge output option. (Primers on thank you letter batch processing and HTML email merges, if you need them.)

6) Find and select your template thank you letter, making sure that the fields MERGE_GIFT_DATE and MERGE_LATEST_DATE are included. We can get you started with templates if you are new to the process.

7) Hit "Merge and Send."

If you have questions about this process - or anything else - please don't hesitate to call or email.

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